“I can’t speak highly enough of this man, his goodness, integrity, commitment, passion, and loyalty as well as his ability to get down to business and get things done. He is one in a million!”– Jay Mitton, Founder of the National Foundation for Asset Protection

“Jedediah’s story is like nothing you’ll hear anywhere else. He is an energetic and dynamic leader with a proven record of success who genuinely cares about the welfare of others. His message is incredibly effective and his passion for life is contagious.”– Robert Bruce, President Phoenix Productions Group, Inc.

“He has a very special way of connecting with the audience and helping everyone understand the importance of his message. He is truly knowledgeable and wise and has a love and passion for what he teaches.”– Mischaelle, audience member

“I love him as a teacher! He teaches with passion and touches each person in the class. He really knows his stuff.”– Christy, audience member

Jedediah has a long history as a successful business strategist and leader who has built multi-million dollar businesses across multiple industries. Despite being the target of an elaborate mafioso-style fraud scheme that included two attempts on his life, he played an important role in bringing down one of the most notorious conmen in North Dakota’s history. He’s battle tested, analytical, engaging, and gets results while having a whole lot of fun. Because he has actually owned and run businesses with hundreds of employees and has a natural love for people, he knows how to connect, gain trust, educate, and motivate his audience in ways that truly impact them. Many speakers today talk about the danger of fraud have have little or no firsthand experience of this in real business where fortunes are easily lost and success is hard won. It’s like making a claim that you have mastered the secrets of Mount Everest and are now qualified to lead a thousand men and women up its treacherous peaks…because you have read a really good book about it or interviewed other people who have. When you have no real tangible life or death experience climbing anything, are you really qualified to teach and train people to follow you and do the same?

Jedediah believes until you’ve been there and done it, you are not truly ready to share about the experience. You’re certainly not qualified to teach and lead others when you haven’t mastered it yourself. Degrees, books and discussions are great, but they are no substitute for actionable experience, in-the-trenches education where you learn what really works because you are actually doing it, and specialization as a result of battle-tested techniques and procedures. Would you let someone perform brain surgery on you with no hands-on experience? That would be crazy, right? Yet, countless people are trusting their life’s savings, security, and financial future to fraudsters and conmen everyday because they consistently fail to use simple, proven techniques for avoiding and preventing fraud. Jedediah nearly lost his life because he failed to consistently employ these techniques and now that he has developed a strategic formula for implementing these techniques he is eager to share this vital information with the world.

Jedediah’s speaking skills have been praised by all who have experienced how deeply he connects to and entertains his audience. As a business man, investor and scholar, Jedediah has experienced high levels of success and he now uses that experience to alert audiences to the dangers of fraud in real-world, relatable ways while inspiring them to take affirmative steps toward prevention. He regularly travels around the country to teach and train small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Talking in Person to Jedediah you will quickly see that he loves people and nothing is more fulfilling to him than motivating and lighting up an audience, getting them excited about their potential and what’s really possible in their life.

Speaking to Your Business:

As a keynote speaker Jedediah can bring his unique story, vast business and leadership experience, and personal hard-earned insights to educate and inspire your audience. Jedediah always finds unique ways to adapt and personalize his teachings so they are informative, relatable, and entertaining. Dynamic, highly entertaining, knowledgeable, deep, caring, persuasive, and above all, authentic – Jedediah is that talented speaker who can carry an audience and deliver exactly what your organization needs.

Jedediah can serve your organization as a traditional speaker or he can conduct small group seminars. He has years of experience teachings and motivating small groups as an instructor in a classroom setting. He has a unique ability to make each seminar personal and relevant to every person in the classroom.