Everyone dreams of achieving financial success. But the path to success is not paved with gold. In fact, it is fraught with risk, financial landmines, and fraudsters hiding at every turn waiting for an opportunity to take your hard earned money.

Jedediah learned the devastating effects of fraud the hard way after losing a fortune at the hands of a trusted business partner. Out of necessity, he utilized his eighteen years experience as an entrepreneur and business strategist to develop innovate strategies and “mechanisms” to make sure he would never be the victim of fraud again. His specialized program has saved his clients millions of dollars by identifying and safeguarding against fraudulent deals.


Expertise requires experience

Jedediah is an accomplished entrepreneur and investor with eighteen years experience. As an adept “hands on” owner/operator, he has a successful track record organizing, building, and operating profitable businesses in diverse industries. After losing everything through an elaborate scheme perpetrated by a business partner, Jedediah spent years analyzing the behaviors and methods used by con-men to commit fraud. It became clear that most people fall victim to fraud because of a lack of knowledge and experience: Most people do not know how to identify the warning signs, how to conduct thorough due diligence, or what steps every business owner should be taking to protect themselves. To make matters worse, the “professionals” most people turn to lack the experience and the specialized training to successfully protect small business owners from fraud.

Educating the public

One of Jedediah’s greatest joys is helping people protect and grow their investments and businesses. As a businessman, he helped build several successful companies operating all acorss the country and has worked with hundreds of small business owners and investors. He has been shocked by the businessness communitiy’s overall lack of awareness and understanding about fraud as well as a prevalent, blas√© it-could-never-happen-to-me attitude. He realized there was an urgent need to educate small business owenrs and investors of the very real, and ever evolving, dangers of fraud. Due to overwhelming need, Jedediah has created an educational program for business owners and investors as well as the general public.

Through custom-tailored programs, Jedediah has helped business owners, investors, and average American’s save millions of dollars by helping them identify and avoid scams. He is very passionate about helping people fight back against fraudsters who seek to harm them. As you can imagine, he is very eager to share his experiences and keys to identifying fraud with as many people as possible.

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